Mission Statement
Provide growing minds with tools that will spark a lifelong dedication to helping others. To accomplish our mission we will provide children and their families with:  

  1. Education on issues affecting the community through parent tip sheets, resources on the web site, and our book "The Little Spark That Grew"
  2. Diverse volunteer opportunities offered throughout the year created specifically for child involvement (2+)
  3. Resources for families and children who want to organize volunteer projects in their own community

We started in March 2012 with a group of over 14 dedicated volunteers from across Spokane, WA.  We are now also coordinating service projects in the N. Phoenix area.  We are currently a community group with a non-profit focus.  We will be adding to our web site as the year progresses and we are so excited to serve our communities.

A Message From Our Founder, Nancy Schmidt  

Nancy started Spark Your Community (formerly Spark Northwest) in Spokane, WA where her family previously lived.  She moved to Spokane after starting a job as a Professor of Communication at Gonzaga University and really enjoyed all that the area had to offer.  However, Nancy also noticed that Spokane had many pockets of people in need.  She has always valued the importance of giving back to her community, no matter where she may be living, and so she started to volunteer her time, coordinate volunteer projects with her college students, and serve on various boards and committees.  After becoming a mom, Nancy began to think about how she wanted to, one day, teach her children about the importance of helping others who are less fortunate.  She would bring her daughter with her to volunteer and tried to create opportunities to model acts of service for her daughter but never found any direct projects for her daughter to be actively involved in.  Nancy had always dreamed about starting a non-profit and, after brainstorming with her husband about different ways to get the kids involved, she thought to herself - this is what the non-profit should do!  So, with her husband's support, and the support of family and friends, Nancy decided to go for it.  

While projects continue to be organized  from time to time by volunteer families in Spokane, Nancy and her family now live in New River, AZ just north of Phoenix. She loves the southwest and has just started to explore all of what the state has to offer.  She and her family are very excited to continue the tradition of service in their new home and is getting ready to "Spark" her new community!