The Little Spark That Grew - Now Available at Amazon!  A beautifully illustrated children's book about how it takes just one little spark to ignite passion in our hearts for helping others. Written by Nancy Schmidt and Illustrated by Connie Janney. This makes a wonderful gift for all of the children in your life. All proceeds go to benefit efforts of Spark NW and to provide the book to kids in need. You can purchase from or contact us directly at for more details.

Original mixed media art on 10x10 canvas  $150 - you get a free copy of the book and a free print of your original piece. We are asking to keep the original piece to tour with us until April 2013 for book readings and art exhibits. Donors name will be displayed. (Originals SOLD = #1,  #3, #5, #6, #9)

Print of book artwork only $35 and we always have those available.

 Contact us at  to inquire about purchases or general donations.

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